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Inkjet Printing Systems

P-300 Reel-to-Reel Inkjet Label Printer

P-300 Reel-to-Reel Inkjet Label Printer

The new Labelmate P-300 Reel-to-Reel Inkjet Label Printer is a combination of the well-known PM-300 Printer Mechanism and the Micron Controller. The system uses the reliable HP TIJ 2.5 technology.

The system is capable of printing a roll of labels of 30cm diameter, in less than 5 minutes with a resolution of 300×150 DPI, this with a negligible cost of the consumable (ink).

Not only, can the P-300 print labels with messages of maximum 12,7mm height, but the P-300 is the ideal machine for adding variable data to pre-printed labels, at low cost and high speed.
The print files are generated on a standard computer using the supplied software and are transferred to the controller via an USB key.

The P-300 uses a standard HP inkjet cartridge. It will print texts, graphics, barcodes, variable counter

The P-300 uses a standard HP inkjet cartridge. It will print texts, graphics, barcodes, variable counter and dates at speeds up to 130cm/sec. at 300DPI and up to 235cm/sec. at 150DPI. The print height is 12.7mm. The printhead can be placed to print anywhere on a label of up to 100mm by 140mm.
P-300 Reel-to-Reel Inkjet Label PrinterThe extremely low-cost of the consumable, makes the machine very economical and ecological.
A large variety of ink types, readily available on the market, allow choosing the best cartridge for a specific job.









Text graphics, barcodes, variable counter and dates.

Fully UNICODE compatible layout software.

Counter and dates with digits in roman, arab, farsi or user defined characters.

Low ink alarm with user-definable level.

Print height 12,7mm (1/2″).

User-definable resolution: 300×300 DPI, 300×150 DPI, 150×150 DPI, 150×75 DPI and 75×75

Separation between design and operation. Nothing in the layout can be destroyed by the

Spit function to keep fast drying inks open.

Purge function can be activated remotely using digital input.

Maximum roll diameter: 300mm.

Maximum label width: 130mm.

Maximum label roll weight: 7Kg.

Maximum speed:

P-300-LS: 158cm/sec.

P-300-HS: 235cm/sec.

Rewind “out” or “in”.

Standard unwind and rewind core holders: 76mm (other sizes optional).

Power: 220V – 50Hz (115V optional).

With the proper ink and paper, the P-300 can also print on the backing paper.

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