CAT – 3 – TA Rewinders

CAT – 3 – TA Rewinders

CAT–3– TA-Standard CAT–3–TA-CHUCK

CAT – 3 – TA – Standard                                                                  CAT – 3 – TA – CHUCK

The CAT-3-TA Rewinder is a CAT 3 with a Tension Arm specially designed and engineered for applications that require a fixed web tension.

The TA is available for all models of CAT 3 Rewinders and also the CAT 40 Rewinders.

The CAT – 3 – TA models are supplied with heavy duty power supply units.

All of our CAT-3-TA Labelmate Heavy Duty Label Rewinders feature a 5-Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty, the longest in the industry. (The Warranty Period for included Power Supplies is 1-Year).  Put a LABELMATE CAT-3-TA Label Rewinder to work for you today and enjoy a new dimension in label rewinding convenience and reliability.

If you need more advice on our CAT-3-TA Heavy Duty Label Rewinders, email us or call Steve on 01704 876241.