Hand Applicators

Hand Applicators

APN – Hand Label Applicators

Hand Label Applicators

-For pre-printed general roll labels. No special (punched or slit)labels or separators required.

-Supports use of label sizes from 20 x 20mm up to 100 x 55mm.

Hand Label Applicators

Hand label Applicator Model APN60

Lightweight portable and easy to use ‘anywhere’ label applicators. For use with labels from 20mm to 100mm in width. Ideal for ease off-line where several labelling stations are required. Automatic sensors ensure speedy and accurate location of labels on flat or curved surfaces.
Can apply round, rectangular or square diecut labels up to 100mm wide on all types of products.

Length/Stroke          Width             Max Reel Diameter (mm)

APN – 30              20 – 60                      20 – 30                                  100

APN – 60              20 – 60                      20 – 30                                  100

APN – 100           20 – 60                      55 – 30                                  100


For more information or advice on our Hand Label Applicators, please email us or call Steve on 01704 876241.