Label Printing Bureau

Label Printing Bureau

Label Printing Bureau  Label Printing Bureau

In addition to manufacturing plain labels for customers who print their own barcodes, Auto ID Systems Ltd operates a Print Bureau facility for companies who prefer to buy their barcode labels pre-printed.

Our Bureau operates to very short lead times. It is often possible for us to originate designs, submit proofs, produce labels and despatch to our customers within 24 hours.

All barcodes printed in our Bureau are produced to the latest GS1UK standards, demanded by the major retailers. Barcodes are Verified for accuracy and quality as they are produced.

The expertise we have developed over 20 years of printing high quality barcodes is available, as an invaluable Technical Support to our customers.

We offer advice on the best combinations of labels and foil ribbons to use on any make of Thermal Printer, to achieve suitable print quality at the most cost effective price.

For more information or advice on our Label Printing Bureau, please email us or call Steve on 01704 876241.