Paper Loop Controlled Label Rewinders / Unwinders

The LC-CATs, are controlled using two photo-detectors positioned along the paper loop formed between the Rewinder / Unwinder and the printer.

This approach reduces the paper resistance to the printer to almost zero and offers a far greater reliability than tension-arm systems.

All models use 2 visible light photo-detectors that connect to the rear panel of the machine. The cables are 2 meters long. The detection range is adjustable from 20 to 400mm.


The LC-CAT-3 will accept rolls up to a 300 mm diameter. The weight of the rolls accepted by the LCCAT-3 depends on the chosen core holder.
The model shown here is the LCCAT-3-CHUCK. All other LABELMATE Standard and ACH core holders can be used.


The LC-CAT-40G is using a gear motor and will accept rolls up to 400 mm diameter. Because of the roll size accepted, the LC-CAT- 40G is only available with the LABELMATE’s durable “QuickChuck”tm quick-locking Core Chuck, permitting the fastest loading and unloading of cores and label rolls.
The LC-UCAT-40G is available for 38-, 40-, 44-, 70, 76- and 100 mm cores. Torque and Direction are fully controllable from the Control Panel. All models are bidirectional. All LC-CATs are supplied with the adequate power supply. Rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction allows your LC-CAT Rewinder / Unwinder to be simply set in place. Special anti-slip feet keep the unit from moving. Reliable, high quality and maintenance-free, the LC-CATs Rewinder / Unwinder feature a 5-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty, the longest in the industry.