Powered Label Dispensers

Powered Label Dispensers

LD Powered Label Dispensers


LD-100-U                                         LD-100-RS                            LD-100-RS-SS

The LD-RS-Type Automatic Label Dispensers with enhanced label sensing and easy set-up

The LD-100-RS and LD-200-RS Label Dispensers offer state of the art convenience and durability. Using the latest opto-electronic technology, there is just one simple adjustment for label length.

A special Reflective Sensor sits below the label and reliably and accurately senses the leading edge of your label.

As you pick up a label the next one is automatically and instantly advanced. The modern design presents the label right at the front of the machine, providing optimum convenience for both left-handed and right-handed operators.

A “HIGH-LOW” Speed Switch allows adjustment for label length or operator preference.

There are no mechanical position switches to cause adjustment or operational problems.

The heavy-duty product design will stand up to the most demanding environments.

Our New LD-U type of Label Dispenser uses an compact photoelectric sensor with optic-fibre cables.

The LD-100-U and LD-200-U Label Dispensers offer the same advantages, convenience and durability as the LD-RS Dispensers with the extra advantage of dispensing any kind of label.

All of our Labelmate Dispensers are backed with a 3 Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty

If you need more advice on our LD-RS and LD-U Powered Label Dispensers, email us or call Steve on 01704 876241.