School name tags

School Name Tags

Auto ID Systems Ltd are a manufacturing supplier of various Label Types to the UK Industry and have introduced an industrial label which we find has an application and a need in schools for Parents to easily label school garments etc with the name of their child.

Nametag printing is also very popular with shops that supply school uniforms as well as nursing homes and various other places where identification labels need to be printed and applied to a garment or other item that has to go through a wash cycle.

Our nametag labels are available in two sizes either 50mm wide x 35 Metres long in a continuous roll suitable for one or more lines of text and also rolls of 2,000 – 46mm x 12mm pre-cut supplied on an Easy Peel backing paper with Ironing Instructions printed on the reverse.

Our labels have a High Quality printing surface suitable for both Text and Barcodes and will withstand a wash cycle to 95*C and dry cleaning.

For more information about our Iron On Material and quantities, please email us or call Steve on 01704 876241.