Twin CAT 2 Unwind – Rewind Stations

Twin CAT 2 Unwind – Rewind Stations

Twin Cat 2 Standard    TWIN-CAT-2 ACH

Twin Cat 2 Standard                                   Twin Cat 2 ACH

Here’s LABELMATE’s new Dual-Spindle Heavy Duty Unwinder / Rewinder, the TWIN-CAT-2. With two powerful motors and your choice of core holders you have maximum versatility in setting up the operation
you need. Both spindles can rewind or unwind. You control the direction and torque on each Spindle independently.

Here are some of the many possible applications:

* Unwind and Rewind labels on one machine. Ideal for “wind-in / wind-out” operations.
* Reverse the order of serialized labels on a roll.
* Conveniently rewind labels onto a different core size. With universal Adjustable Core Holders you can
unwind from any diameter core and rewind onto any diameter core within the range of 25 to 101mm in
diameter! Great for production shops with varied jobs.
* Add the Label Inspection option to create a stand-alone Inspection Station. You can also add a Label
Counter if you need one.
* Wind small rolls of labels from larger ones.
* Set up an off-line slitting operation with a LABELMATE S-100 or S-200 Slitter. This is more convenient
than using a standard single spindle Rewinder.
* Conveniently strip the unwanted matrix from die-cut labels for easy disposal as you rewind them in-line
with your printer or off-line.

LABELMATE’s new Unwind / Rewind Stations are available in many different configurations to fit perfectly
into your label production. All TWIN-CAT-2 Models operate at up to 76 cm per second.

The TWIN-CAT features a 5-Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty, the longest in the industry.


The Label Inspection option, INSP-1, adds a handy Label Inspection Fixture to the side of your TWIN-CAT-2. It has two rollers over which your labels run as they are presented for inspection. You can also wind-in or wind-out at the same time as you perform the inspection operation. If you want to, when inspection is complete, you can conveniently rewind the labels back onto their original core one the same machine by just reversing the direction of the Rewind Spindles.

You can also order a PC-1 Label Counter for your inspection station. This will count the labels as they pass by a sensor mounted on the Inspection Fixture. The PC-1 counts single- or multi-across labels and you can preset a batch size. Counts up. Includes a Halt Control Cable to optionally stop your TWIN-CAT-2 automatically when your job is finished.

If you need more advice on our Twin CAT Dual Spindle Unwind / Rewind, please email us or call Steve on 01704 876241.