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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £250!
Bundle Deals Available!
Best Prices Guaranteed!
Next Day Delivery Available!

148 x 210 Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Labels Available!

Auto ID Systems stock a range of labels including our 148mm x 210mm direct thermal and thermal transfer labels!

Here at Auto ID Systems, we have a team of dedicated and friendly professionals, we’re a family-run business and our number one priority is making sure our customers receive the high-quality labelling products they need.

Our 148×210 Direct Thermal Labels

We stock the popular size 148mm x 210mm for our direct thermal labels, they are also known as pallet labels and come in batches of 800 per roll. If you buy them in bulk, you save more money per roll and we’ve got free delivery over £250.

If you’re looking to order some 148×210 direct thermal labels, you can contact our friendly team today – we are currently not taking orders online.

Our 148×210 thermal transfer labels

We also stock our range of 148mm x 210mm thermal transfer labels! This size of label proves extremely popular with our customers. We make sure their labels are delivered on time and in great condition. Every 148×210 label roll we supply is high quality and reliable.

Why should I choose direct thermal labels?

There are many benefits to purchasing our 148 x 210mm direct thermal transfer labels.

  • They’re fast to print – the print head directly applies heat to the label, being able to create a receipt, barcode, ticket etc. in seconds
  • Reliable – thermal printers are less likely to break down
  • They don’t use cartridges – you won’t be worried about running out of ink
  • Accurate – they’re extremely accurate, there’s no ink coming from the print head so it can’t smudge

Why should I choose thermal transfer labels?

There are lots of advantages to choosing our 148mm x 210mm thermal transfer labels!

  • They won’t fade in sunlight
  • High quality – they produce higher quality images than traditional printers and labels
  • Speed – they create images in milliseconds
  • Long-lasting
  • Resists damage from moisture and heat
  • Longer printhead life
  • Can be in colour

Choosing between these two types of labels depends heavily on what you’re using them for. If you need your labels to withstand heat, moisture and light and you need an extremely high resolution image, go for the 148 x 210 thermal transfer labels. If you’re just searching for simple & cost-effective label rolls which don’t need to have a long shelf life, go for our 148mm x 210mm direct thermal labels.


Please contact our team if you would like to place an order for our 148×210 labels.